What is the Best Method to Prevent Pregnancy and AIDS?

Many occasions because of unsafe intercourse, there may be an elevated likelihood of getting pregnant or having affected with HIV. On this article we’ll focus on the essential details about AIDS and the preventive technique to keep away from getting pregnant or being affected by HIV.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is handed from one particular person to a different in two methods – by getting contaminated blood into your blood stream or by direct sexual contact. This virus can be transmitted from the mom to the unborn baby within the womb or at start or to a child by means of the breast milk.

There are few issues that everybody ought to find out about HIV. You can not catch the virus from rest room seats or from issues like towel utilized by an AIDS affected person. You probably have AIDS, your physique’s immune system breaks down and it can’t struggle in opposition to infections. Docs and consultants assume that most individuals with HIV ultimately get HIV associated signs or AIDS.

One ought to keep away from unsafe intercourse with an individual who’s HIV optimistic. This could assist the lady from being contaminated by the virus and in addition from getting pregnant. Now the query is that how would you realize in case you are pregnant or not? To search out out whether or not you’re pregnant or not, go to a physician for being pregnant check. It’s the easiest way to know whether or not you’re pregnant or not.

Being pregnant check can’t be carried out till 14 days after your final interval was due. You’re pregnant if the check comes optimistic. A unfavourable outcome is just not a transparent sign and it’s essential wait one other Four-5 days after which have your self examined once more to be completely positive.

Now we’ll focus on one of many generally used strategies to stop being pregnant and transmission of HIV virus, which is condom. A condom is a skinny rubber sheath which unrolls to suit over the erect penis of a person. It may be used throughout intercourse and helps forestall the lady from turning into pregnant and lowers the danger of sexually transmitted an infection.

A condom have to be placed on earlier than the penis touches vaginal space of the lady and it have to be stored on till the penis is absolutely out of the vagina. It ought to solely be used as soon as. After it has been used, it needs to be wrapped in a paper and throw in mud bin. Condoms are protected, however they should be used cautiously. A tear within the condom may very well be disastrous. Ensure that no air will get trapped when the condom is rolled over the erect penis. It may be purchased from a medical store. It is usually freely distributed at household planning facilities.

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