Protect Your Furniture With a Cat Scratcher

Cats like to scratch. It is a well-known truth amongst cat homeowners and could be a supply of headache for people who find themselves uninterested in having their front room furnishings destroyed. However why do cats scratch and what may be executed about it?

Scratching is a pure and instinctive habits for cats and it serves a number of functions. First, it helps to maintain the claws in good situation because it helps to take away the lifeless, outer layer of the claw – consider it like exfoliation for cats. Additionally, by digging its claws into one thing, this permits a cat to totally stretch it muscle groups (which is, apparently, crucial after a protracted, exhausting day of mendacity round doing nothing!). Cats additionally use scratching to speak and as a solution to mark territory. Sadly for cat homeowners, carpets, chairs and couches are good for scratching – so how can folks have cats in the home but nonetheless defend their furnishings?

Declawing will stop a kitty from scratching furnishings, however that is a particularly merciless observe. Some folks mistakenly imagine that claws serve no extra goal than an individual’s fingernails. In actuality, as a result of a cat’s claws are an integral a part of their paw, eradicating them is much like slicing off an individual’s fingers on the first knuckle!

The perfect answer to that is to buy a cat scratcher. A cat scratcher is particularly constructed so cat will scratch the scratcher as a substitute of your furnishings. Cat scratchers are available in many alternative configurations – some are stand-alone posts whereas others hold from a ceiling or door body. You may even buy a cat tower with a cat scratcher in-built. The scratching floor ought to be produced from tightly wound Sisal rope which is sweet in your cat’s claws.

To make sure your pet will really use the scratcher, many comprise scents that cats like that are launched when scratched. You can even put a bit catnip or catnip scent on the scratcher which can encourage your cat to scratch it moderately than your furnishings. With this, your kitty will be capable to scratch fortunately to her coronary heart’s content material and you will not have to fret about your new sofa!

As a long-time pet proprietor, Julie is keen about supporting animal well being and wellness. As a board member of her native rescue league, she understands the worth correct psychological and bodily stimulation affords indoor cats particularly. Julie’s Siamese cats, Sissy and Missy, benefit from the indoor life due to cat towers [] and cat timber from Ace Cat Furnishings.


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